Perilous Frontier

A Quartet of Crime in the Old West Edited by Hazel Rumney

Four crime mysteries set in the Old West by a group of award-winning authors including “Cold the Bitter Heart” by Phil Mills, Jr.

A child’s personality often mirrors that of the parent. Could it be Catherine Baxter was hiding behind a façade of fake innocence? Although Jake Summers would follow a trail littered with suspects had he missed the most obvious one and in the end did he really know the truth?  In a story with more suspects and more twists and turns than the average rattlesnake, the reader must wonder why and who? This nail-biting novella is a mystery as big as the Wyoming landscape in which it’s set.

Tom Carpenter
Tom CarpenterRound Up Magazine
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“Here are four novellas by award-winning writers with different approaches to telling stories of mystery and deceit. “Cold the Bitter Heart” by Phil Mills, Jr. is set in Wyoming. Jake Summers gets involved in a complex story that explores how an illusion of innocence might disguise deceit.”

Will Rogers 2022 Silver Medallion for “Cold the Bitter Heart” in
the Western Fiction – Short Story Category — Anthology Perilous Frontier

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