Bandit the Cow Dog

Spending the summer on her grandparents Wyoming ranch was a new and exciting opportunity for ten-year-old Mary Andrews.

She lived in Denver, Colorado, and being around horses and cattle every day was a different experience. Having to do daily chores like gathering eggs and keeping an extra-close eye on her dog Princess was also new. She found it hard enough to just make her bed and keeping her clothes picked up.

But life took a dramatic turn for the young girl when she was given her first horse. Mary had never ridden before and there was a lot to learn. Thankfully, Bandit, the ranch cow dog, was around to watch over her. Bandit may have been retired, but he still liked herding chickens and trying to corral the ranch cats. Mary would soon learn having a horse was a lot different than having a dog. Along with such ownership came greater responsibilities. That would also mean learning to admit your mistakes, no matter how difficult, and then accepting the consequences, especially when Bandit knew the truth.

Will Rogers Gold Medallion Winner
Western Fiction-Young Readers/Illustrated

2021 Spur Award Finalist from
Western Writers of America
Best Storyteller/Illustrated
Children's Book

BreeAnn - blog "She Just Loves Books"
BreeAnn - blog "She Just Loves Books"
Well Written for Children . . .
“This story reinforces the importance of responsibility and consequences for a child in a way that made it easy to understand and an enjoyable story. I loved the way it was written and my daughter did too! I found this book to be a delightful story that captured a child’s actions perfectly.”
Julie (aka The Cowgirl), blog “Country Best Blog”
Julie (aka The Cowgirl), blog “Country Best Blog”
Courage to Tell Truth . . .
“This is a very descriptive book and from page one I got lost in the richness of the imagery. It gives a great painting of life on the ranch and the responsibilities that each animal and individual has within it. It is a very lovely book on taking responsibility for our actions no matter the consequence. The book fostered a great discussion with my two older kids about honesty and choosing the right.”
Olga, blog “StylishModernMotherhood”
Olga, blog “StylishModernMotherhood”
Bandit Stands With Her . . .
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“I really liked when Mary admitted to her grandfather a mistake she made. This is a very valuable lesson the story teaches. Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes, no matter how difficult and then having the courage to accept the consequences. A beautiful story.”
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