Time for Slowing Down

Good day everyone!  Coffee is fresh and ready on a cool morning.  Pull up a chair.  Ever notice how we often get so focused on reaching a certain destination . . . making a particular goal . . . we fail to notice the journey in getting there?  How many times have we arrived somewhere and can’t remember much about the trip?  The cliché is an old one but now and then we need to “stop and smell the proverbial roses”.


Time for Slowing DownSlow your hurried step and gaze
Upon the wonder!  Note the
Brushstrokes of the Master’s Hand
On every tree and flower.
For this day belongs to God.
He is all around us!

Photo and poem by Phil Mills, Jr.

Each day is filled with God’s beauty, love and peace but we often get so busy we fail to notice.  We need to only slow down now and then long enough to see and feel.  God didn’t give us feelings and emotions . . . and eyesight . . . to just see what’s in front of us.  He wants us to see Him at this very moment all around us.  Something to think about.  God bless!  Phil Mills, Jr.

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