Thankful for the Storms

Good morning everyone. Time for some coffee so get your cup and pull up a chair. Ever notice how one day can be so dramatically different than another? You seem to be getting along fine when out of nowhere you feel like you’ve been hit with a big stick. Maybe not even a normal stick but a hardwood . . . oak, walnut, hickory or even Osage Orange. Let’s face it life is full of stormy weather and hard knocks.

Thankful for the Storms - Flowers“When the overwhelming ferocity of life’s storms tear at your soul;
“When all measure of reason is gone and you stand in harm’s lonely way;
“When the black torment of night seems darker, colder than normal;
“God offers a light of peaceful hope, a beacon of love and understanding,
“For against all measure of despair He shall protect all who seek Him.”

Photo and poem by Phil Mills, Jr.


God actually wants us to thank Him for the problems in our lives. It’s those issues . . . those problems that draw us closer to Him. Something to think about this morning. God Bless my friends! Phil Mills, Jr.


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