Hope in a Barren Land

Good day everyone!  Time for some serious coffee.  Pull up a chair or go find your favorite place to sit.  Ever notice when you have a serious problem your friends and family seem to be busy or suddenly aren’t available to help out.  Now that’s not a deliberate reaction to your specific problem perhaps but makes you wonder who is really there for you.  I’ve face my share of serious issues . . . some more recent than others . . . and I’ve been amazed at who was there when I needed them.  Sometimes it wasn’t those you expected at all.  But one thing is certain no matter how serious the problem you are never truly alone.  I’ve learned that one for sure.  God is always there.  I’ve learned that as well.


Hope in a Barren LandThough all may seem hopeless and
Desolate, we never walk alone.
For even as the storms of life threaten
To overwhelm us and life’s landscape
Seems barren, God is always there.
For even in that hopeless hour, His
Love will quench our thirst for life!

Photo and poem by Phil Mills, Jr.

God wants you to actually thank Him for your problems.  That’s right.  You having problems will force you to get close to Him, ask for His help and then recognize just how much He loves you.  Something to think about today!  God bless!   Phil Mills, Jr.

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