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Good day everyone! Pull up a chair. Coffee is hot and ready. Ever notice how life just seems a little better after a spring rain? One of those gentle, refreshing rains that comes and goes without a lot of thunder and lightning . . . and no tornadoes. The air is cleared at least briefly of pollen. It just smells fresh and clean. When I was younger on our Missouri farm we would head for the woods after a spring shower and the sun came out. I enjoyed those times searching for morel mushrooms after a warm, spring rain. I remember one time in particular I couldn’t find a single morel and it was getting on toward evening. The sun was setting. Time to head for the house. Then I tripped over a root and fell. And there all around me the ground was covered with morel mushrooms. Yet, moments earlier just walking along I couldn’t see them. You know God is like that. He’s all around us but sometimes we need to trip and fall to really see Him . . . to realize He’s been there all along.

Fresh Look at Life - Cabin in the WoodsGo away you chilled days of winter

Bring me the songs of life renewed.

For my soul soars in anticipation,

Of soft the robin’s springtime singing.

Fresh flowers, and soft gentle rains

Flowing through a dreamer’s heart.

Reborn my soft remembering,

Rebirth of times once yearning.

For God is all around me peaceful

And gentle with His love forever.

Photo and poem by Phil Mills, Jr.

Maybe we try too hard to see the obvious . . . what’s already there. We can’t see the forest for all those durn trees. Maybe it takes something like falling down just as darkness is about to overwhelm us to allow us to actually see what’s been there all along. Something to think about today. God Bless my friends. Phil Mills, Jr.


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