Comes a Chinook Wind

Good day everyone!  Time for a hot cup of coffee or maybe some hot chocolate.  Pull up a chair.  A few years ago I had the joy of traveling to Montana in March.  I say joy because I do love Montana at any time of year but with snow on the ground I had to keep reminding myself of that fact.  I was there doing some research for a future book set in the winter.   However, I was also reminded that no matter how bitter the situation we may face . . .  a warming Chinook wind will eventually come calling.  In my book Where a Good Wind Blows, I point out no matter how bad the storm or the situation . . .  a good wind will eventually blow.


Comes a Chinook Wind
Comes a Chinook Wind

Warm winds sweep over me
Bringing signs of early spring.
Thoughts born in winter’s gray
Seem far less troubling now.
My eyes see new beginnings
As thoughts of spring unfold.
Now as love blooms about me
My faith in God yearns to grow.

Photo and poem by Phil Mills, Jr.

God never promised us an easy journey, only that He will be with us as we go.  As with the seasons our lives will be filled with good and bad but His love is unfailing.  We need to remember He is with us at all times and through all situations.  Something to think about today.  God Bless!  Phil Mills, Jr.

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