Phil Mills, Jr.

Along the Western Colorado horizon, resting just above the late summer prairie grasses and yucca plants what seemed like white puffy clouds gradually gave way to the rugged, snow-capped Rocky Mountains. And the country boy from Missouri would never be the same again. Those mountains and the vast prairies before them would burn a love of the American West deeply into the heart and soul of Phil Mills, Jr. READ MORE

Burning Wood Photo

Burning Wood Memories

Burning wood soothes the soul. Just watching the flames flicker and dance can be a relaxing experience. The heat penetrates and warms the body and does wonders for the human spirit. No other heat can create the magic like the smell and warmth of a good wood fire.

An Emptiness Within

An Emptiness Within

Ever notice on some days you just feel down and alone?  Happens to us all.  You may actually be with several other people . . . maybe friends, family or coworkers . . . but you just feel empty.  Something is missing.

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